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going home alone

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trigger warning for sexual harassment, abuse and rape

– having to physically run away from guys

– having to make assessments like ‘he looks strong but not fast so i will run’

– having to get groups of women to shield me

– having to lie all the time

– being asked where i live by strangers

– being threatened with rape by strangers

– having to assume everyone is an asshole because usually when i am nice to random men they go on to threaten me with rape or become extremely creepy at the very least

– carrying my keys so they stick out between my knuckles in case i have to defend myself

– changing my walk so i look bigger and stronger

– seeing men shouting at their female partners, threatening them, blaming them for things that are not their fault

– challenging those men and getting called all sorts of vile things

– being told to smile

– men thinking they have ownership over me or that they ‘deserve’ to fuck me

– getting blamed for it by all and sunder because i have the audacity to walk home alone

– getting triggered by this over and over again because i was blamed when i was raped

– feeling a lack of bodily autonomy and loss of control over my own body and feelings because other people keep telling me it’s not mine to decide what to do with and my feelings aren’t real




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April 28, 2013 at 10:06 pm

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