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Royal insult

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Image by Sheffield Occupation

Untitled, Katherine McMahon


The bunting makes me sick.

I wish that the street parties would turn into riots,

Like Stokes Croft last week, no keeping

Quiet while the neighbours are evicted…

But the palace sits pretty and they party away

Champagne, haute cuisine and pure cocaine

And we’re supposed to be happy with our paper plates

And our souvenir mugs and our beer in the sun

What? What the hell is going on?


I am not going to say ‘off with their heads’

But why should we bleed when they get their horses and

The forces who beat us for protesting protect them, arrest us

Anarchist scum, and smile for the cameras.

I am the queen of hearts, I can’t watch this

They are the knaves that stole our tarts,

Welfare haemorrhages and they tie up their presents

With ribbons, and dance with dictators

And the royalists hate us for spoiling their fun…

What? What the hell is going on?


Surely there are other things to celebrate,

Other reasons to gather in the street

Than the marriage of two people who

We will never meet, never know, and who will always be

The face of an unfair world. Now go

And reclaim those streets.

Let the royalists moan, let the bunting fall. Listen –

We are not subjects but citizens,

And we will be back

Without royal permission.


Poem by guest author Katherine McMahon. Katherine is graduating with a Social Anthropology degree this year from the University of Edinburgh. She is a poet and a feminist, socialist and LGBTQ activist.


Written by CakeCakeCakeCakeCake

April 30, 2011 at 4:10 pm

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