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My voice does not need to be reclaimed

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I have shouted I have screamed I have written I have spoken

I have marched I have occupied I have rallied I have baked

I have danced I have sung I have painted I have scrawled I have argued I have drawn I have given

I have slept on buses and floors I have stayed awake

I have ranted  I have read and responded I have commented I have discussed

I have talked to my MP I have talked to my MSP I have talked to my local rep I have talked to my national rep

I have cried and I have cried I have given up a lot of my life I have held hands while they try to break us up I’ve been pushed I’ve been radicalised

I could do nothing but watch as police dragged him away I could do nothing but stand outside while they were kept in I could not stop them following us I could not stop them  kettling us

I have fought and fought and I am tired

My voice is out there my voice can be heard my voice is strong

But no one fucking listens


I will fight until they do.


This is partly in response to the terrible branding of NUS Scotland’s ‘Reclaim Your Voice’ campaign and the related and rather disappointing march and rally two days ago. (More to come on this.)

Image by Mike Shaw


Written by CakeCakeCakeCakeCake

March 24, 2011 at 12:08 pm

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